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About the Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium (PETS) and Proceedings on Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PoPETS)

The Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium (PETS) is the premiere venue for research on privacy, data protection, and transparency. Now in its 23rd year, PETS is seeking sponsorship to widen participation and for making research articles freely available through the open access publication, Proceedings on Privacy Enhancing Technologies. In 2023, PETS will be delivered in a hybrid physical and virtual experience in Lausanne, Switzerland on 10–15 July.

Highlights of the programme include over 80 rigorously peer-reviewed publications, presentations of upcoming research and the PET Award for the best paper in the field of Privacy Enhancing Technologies in the past year. The event attracts over 250 attendees, from top academic and industrial research institutes worldwide. The proceedings journal is open access and has extremely high visibility within the wider security & privacy research community.

In past years, PETS has been generously supported by sponsors including Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Intel, National Science Foundation, DeepMind, ZCash, Comcast, Brave, Ford Foundation, and Huawei. Becoming a PETS sponsor is an excellent way to raise awareness of your company’s support for work in privacy enhancing technologies and to contribute to the broader reach of open-access research.

Sponsorship Tiers


Silver Sponsors will have their logo displayed on the PETS website and in the Proceedings. The sponsor may also send one attendee to the symposium free of charge.

Silver sponsorship costs $3,500 USD


Gold Sponsors will have a more prominent display of their logo on the PETS website, in the Proceedings, and also at the start of each session. The sponsor may also distribute company literature to attendees. Gold Sponsors may send two attendees to the symposium free of charge.

Gold sponsorship costs $7,000 USD


Platinum Sponsors enjoy the benefits of Gold Sponsorship. In addition, the sponsor can show a short welcome message prior to the award ceremony. Platinum Sponsors may send three attendees to the symposium free of charge.

Platinum sponsorship costs $10,000 USD


The Proceedings Sponsor will have a prominent display of their logo on the PETS website, and be credited as allowing the proceedings to be published open access. The Proceedings Sponsor also enjoys the benefit of Platinum Sponsorship and may send four attendees to the symposium free of charge.

Proceedings sponsorship costs $13,000 USD

Please contact the PETS/PoPETS sponsorship chairs, Susan McGregor and Steven Murdoch (sponsorship@petsymposium.org), to discuss custom sponsorship options or if you have any other questions.