HotPETs Best Talk Winners

At the end of HotPETs, a vote for best talk is held. Anyone present can vote.


Bridging the Gap between Privacy Incidents and PETs
Shannon Veitch (ETH Zurich), Lena Csomor (ETH Zurich), Alexander Viand (ETH Zurich), Anwar Hithnawi(ETH Zurich), and Bailey Kacsmar (University of Alberta)


Improving Usability of Internet Censorship Data through a Censorship Dashboard
Ramakrishnan Sundara Raman (University of Michigan)


Leveraging Strategic Connection Migration-Powered Traffic Splitting for Privacy
Mona Wang (Princeton) [joint work with Anunay Kulshrestha, Liang Wang, and Prateek Mittal (Princeton University)]


Probably private protocols
Ryan Henry (University of Calgary)


Subtle Censorship via Adversarial Fakeness in Kyrgyzstan
Christopher Schwartz (KU Leuven) and Rebekah Overdorf (EPFL)


POTs: the revolution will not be optimized?
Seda Gürses and Rebekah Overdorf (KU Leuven) [joint work with Ero Balsa (KU Leuven)]


Using BGP to Acquire Bogus TLS Certificates
Henry Birge-Lee (Princeton University) [joint work with Yixin Sun, Annie Edmundson, Jennifer Rexford, Prateek Mittal (Princeton University)]


A Story of Discrimination and Unfairness
Aylin Caliskan (Princeton University) [joint work with Joanna Bryson and Arvind Narayanan (Princeton Univeristy)]


Tor's Usability for Censorship Circumvention
Linda Lee (UC Berkeley) [joint work with David Fifield (UC Berkeley), Serge Egelman (ICSI and UC Berkeley), and David Wagner (UC Berkeley)]


Building Effective Internet Freedom Tools: Needfinding with the Tibetan Exile Community
Michael Brennan (SecondMuse) [joint work with Katey Metzroth and Roxann Stafford (SecondMuse)]


AnoA: A Framework For Analyzing Anonymous Communication Protocols
Sebastian Meiser (Saarland University) [joint work with Michael Backes (MPI-SWS and Saarland University), Aniket Kate (MMCI, Saarland University), Praveen Manoharan (Saarland University), and Esfandiar Mohammadi (Saarland University)]


Perspectives on Academic Impact from Inside the Federal Trade Commission
Michael Brennan (Drexel University)