Birds of a Feather sessions (BoFs)

Final rooms and session details will be posted near the information desk and venue rooms for reference.


16:00 - 17:00

  • Welcome to PETS (ANT-1031) Susan McGregor
  • This is an open session for folks who are new (or not so new) to PETS who want to meet other attendees and learn about more ways to be part of the PETS community. Drop-in anytime, all are welcome!
  • New directions in censorship research (ANT-1129) Ram Sundara Raman, David Fifield
  • We will discuss future directions and needs of the internet freedom community, and we will discuss literature related to filtering mechanisms from the Chinese academic space.
  • LGBTQ+ in PETS (ANT-2024) Carmela Troncoso

17:00 - 18:00

  • Ethics concerns in S&P research (ANT-1031) Lujo Bauer
  • In security & privacy research we often run into ethical concerns and dilemmas, such as whether to use stolen data, whether and how to report discovered vulnerabilities, and how much risk is too much for human subjects research. In this BOF I hope we can learn from each other's experiences by sharing what issues we've encountered and how we navigated them.
  • Cryptographic Tools for Privacy (ANT-1129) Nadim Kobeissi
  • Women in PETS (ANT-2024) Anna Lorimer, Bailey Kacsmer
  • Board Games (ANT-3021) Rebekah Overdorf


11:00 - 12:00

  • Innovation strategy and building PETs in industry (ANT-1031) Fredrik Stromberg
  • Parents in PETS (ANT-1129) Theresa Stadler
  • This will be a forum to discuss with peer parents about things like child care options at major security conferences, travel with children, travel grants for travelling with family, etc.
  • NLP for Privacy and Privacy for NLP (ANT-3032) Shomir Wilson
  • This session is an informal opportunity to discuss research at the intersection of NLP and privacy, including interests, obstacles, and resources.
  • Privacy Preference Signals (ANT-3021) Sebastian Zimmeck
  • After DNT failed to gain broad adoption the idea of privacy preferences signals seemed dead. However, with Global Privacy Control and other new signals a new hope has arrived. Will it work this time around?
  • (Un)solvable privacy gaps and challenges (ANT-2024), contact: Maria Sameen
  • Privacy is no longer just a matter of subjectivity, rather this space has now got more complexed as the research landscape evolved (and keep evolving) with the introduction of multidisciplinary aspect in it. Thus, it's high time to address the gaps/challenges around misconceptions, misuse and adaptability concerning the notion of privacy.