PETS Hike - Jura Mountains

PETS hike will take place in the Jura “mountain” close to Lausanne, in Le Pont, a village in the Jura mountains with a gorgeous lake: Lac de Joux. The hike itself is not accessible for wheelchair users, but the train to Le Pont and some areas around the lake are.

Google map showing Le pont.

Saturday, 15th of July 2023, 9:00am - 6:00pm

The hike is free (registration is mandatory though) and it includes lunch and transport (round trip).


So many people want to come on the hike that we can't make the train work, so we have rented buses. The buses will leave at 9:15 from the front of the BC building at EPFL ( You can get there on the M1. Stop at EPFL, and walk for approx 9 minutes.

The buses will return from Le Pont to EPFL at 5:30. It should take 45 minutes to an hour to get back to EPFL, depending on traffic. You can come back to Lausanne outside of this schedule by train but you’ll have to pay for your ticket (22CHF). See below for alternative hikes that would allow you to return earlier.

What to bring

Examples of path
path path
path path

Example of outfit (baby not necessary)

Hike (fully guided)

12.24km/7.59mi 341m/666ft elevation gain (elevation gain is very distributed, no big climb) Wikiloc / AllTrails (you can download .gpx to put on your favourite hiking app)

Alternative hiking options (return not guided, maps and .gpx available, note that the trains may be full)

Train schedule (more on

No-hike -- hang out at the village

Options to do in Le Pont:

You can also take a train to Le Sentier to visit the Watchmaker museum. (20 min by train, train every hour from Le Pont, schedule in